Click the link to access District 68 2013-2014 Calendar


The following District officers for the 2013-2014 term were elected at the District 68 Council meeting held Saturday, May 18th in Lafayette, Louisiana:

photo (8)

(Left) District 68 Governor:  Bryan Jolley
(Center) Lt. Governor Education & Training:  Phil Varona
(Right) Lt. Governor Marketing:  Rebecca Arnett

Division Governor 2013-14

(Center) Division A Governor:  Ankita Choudhary

(Right) Division B Governor:  Stacy Vicknair

(Left) Division C Governor:  Jim Eid

(Not in Picture) Division D Governor: Siva Manickavasagam

District 68 Treasurer:  Martha Whelan

Applications now open for appointed District Roles

If you are interested in serving as an appointed District Officer for the 2013-2014 term, please email District Governor-elect Bryan Jolley and complete the following survey:
A letter describing the available roles is available at the following link:
District 68 Leadership RolesPotential District Leaders should make plans to attend training Saturday, June 22(location TBD).

Stay tuned for future announcements regarding
Club Officer Training dates and future conferences!



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